Given the inexcusable act by the Biden administration of leaving Americans and our Afghan allies in Afghanistan, it’s time to take a hard look at Islam’s treatment of women and of non-Muslims to understand what these stranded people could face. This month’s installment will begin a study of the treatment of women under Islam.

Koran 4:34 gives us a flavor of women’s status in Islam: “Allah has made men superior to women because men spend their wealth to support them”….. and it continues, recommending beating the woman if she is disobedient.

Tragically, this inequality begins in childhood with the obligatory female genital mutilation (ROTT e4.3), the purpose of which is to keep girls chaste. FGM, as it is known, results in innumerable problems – many of them lifelong – such as pain when urinating, menstruating, having intercourse and giving birth; infections; shock; PTSD; and even death.

As children, even more threats to a young girl are introduced. Parents, according to the Reliance of the Traveller (ROTT o1.2 (4)), are not subject to retaliation for killing their children or grandchildren. Though the ROTT does not claim that only girls may be killed this way, the lower status of females makes it far more likely that they are most at risk. Sarah and Amina Said are Exhibit A.

Islamic marriages are to be modelled after Muhammad’s marriages, which implies that girls as young as six years old may be forcibly married to a man many times her age. Muhammad famously consummated his marriage to Aisha (whom he married at age six) when she was nine years old. Many of these young bodies can withstand neither intercourse nor pregnancy/delivery. Those who cannot, die in the process. Those who can, lose their childhood as they take on the role of parenthood while still children themselves.

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