by Jane Bate and Bryan Hermansdorfer, ©2020

(Oct. 13, 2020) — [Editor’s Note:  Previous installments in this series can be found here.] 

America has been blessed to be a free nation – without our Constitution, police and military we could never have enjoyed security at home or in the world;

Our country has traditionally enjoyed free speech, one of our indispensable bedrock values which makes us unique in the history of the world;

We have fought against abuses of power by exercising our right to freely assemble and protest peacefully;

Americans have enjoyed an open exchange of ideas without violence or government censorship;

We have been free to practice our chosen religion or no religion at all;

Equal opportunity and the spirit of enterprise create healthy competition;

We are imbued with the spirit of innovation, having invented the light bulb, the automobile, the airplane, and so much more;

America rewards individual achievements and a solid work ethic, stressing self-reliance rather than dependence on a bloated government for sustenance;

Our government was created to be the servant of the people, and individuals participate in shaping our government;

Americans believe in the power of the individual to make his own choices, and in the necessity of his taking responsibility for his own actions;

We welcome people from all countries as new Americans with equal rights, while we also support basic human rights around the world.

The above describes America as she was founded and continued to thrive for generations. In 2020, though, looking back over the past century, we can witness the gradual erosion of this glorious human experiment called America. Caused not only by the infiltration of Islam, but also of communism, socialism and Marxism, the resulting Red-Green Axis has purposefully sought to divide us with the aim of toppling our government. Let us remain vigilant and resolve to maintain a united United States.

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