Incremental Islam Part 1: What Non-Muslims Need to Know

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Mohammed lived in Saudi Arabia in the 600’s AD as a trader who claimed divine revelation from the angel Gabriel which was recorded in the Koran.

When we think of religion we think of the Golden Rule, tolerance, love and foregiveness. Sharia law micro-manages daily life, from how to brush your teeth to how to treat women, gays and non-Muslims. When Muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace, they mean there will be peace when the whole world lives under Sharia law with no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

Islam is a political, judicial and militaristic system made victorious by military expansion. The Islamic calendar begins with Mohammad’s migration to Medina, Saudi Arabia. He was a peaceful preacher in Mecca, then in Medina he attacked trade caravans and killed many Jewish tribes, fulfilling his holy obligation to make Islam the only religion in the world. Mohammed called jihad the best action a Muslim can perform. “I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe that I am His prophet…”

Muslims divide humanity into the house of Islam, and the house of war. Allah allows violence for Islam to become dominant. The Koran says that Muslims are the ‘best of created beings’ while unbelievers are the ‘most vile creatures’ removing empathy for non-Muslims.

Islam can never be questioned or criticized. Leaving Islam, which is similar to treason may be punishable by death.

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